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i80 is an Android based smart POS mobile terminal with a large bright colour touch screen. With highest levels of security , it makes merchants enjoy various types of transaction...More

Mobile payment series

Vi-218 SUNYARD New Generation iPOS

Vi-218 is a user-friendly POS terminal tailored for privately or individually-owned businesses and small-sized businesses in wholesale market...More

POS terminal series

S530 Handheld Wireless POS

Sunyard S530 is a slim and full function wireless hand-hold payment device offering an unparalleled range of connections including GPRS, CDMA...More

Mobile Marketing series

Vi518 Mobile Marketing Terminal

Such as 3G, 4G, wireless communication technology, Tablet, smart terminal technology develops and matures, banks gradually moved business...More

Data Secure products

Standard Payment Cipherer

Sunyard password payment system exploits hi-technology such as modern computer network technology, cryptology and MCU...More

POS terminal series

S380 Countertop Touch Screen POS

S380 is a small size desktop POS terminal with extremely high performance.Sunyard Tech launched it as a mainstream POS product, equipped with... More

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